Growing up in Christ – Part 3

This expression to mount up with wings as eagle means to have deep spiritual experiences as one waits on God, whole-heartedly. The Word of God sheds light on this, as expressed thus, “Blessed be God and Father of our Lord Y’shua Messiah, the One Who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies by Messiah” Eph. 1:3.

Hence, I believe that any born-again child of God filled with the Holy Spirit, potentially has access to deep spiritual experiences by the Spirit of God. Sovereignly, God does give His child supernatural experiences in order to create in him hunger for deeper experiences with Himself. For instance, Moses kept wooing God to show him His glory after his first encounter with Him on Mt Horeb, Ex.3: 1-3. As a follow up of his experience in chapter 3, Exodus chapters [24:15-25:1-9] are very revealing. In this scripture, we read of how God’s glory like a devouring fire covered Mount Sinai and Moses in response to God’s invitation, went up there to wait on Him. For six days, there was what is called speech fast as he was being purged by the glory of God. On the seventh day God started to speak to him. I have no doubt that he was translated to heaven to receive the blue print of the Tabernacle; for he was latter instructed to construct it as he was shown. [Rev.11: 19]. In the New Testament also, 2Corinth.12: 1-4 revealed Paul’s translation to Heaven.

Translation is biblical and supernatural and it is by faith but before I go into various ways of translation, I want to say that God does not want us to be earth-bound Christians. He wants us to soar like eagle to behold His glory as the vail of our flesh is torn and removed by Christ. Let us consider what I regard as an instruction manual in Deut.32: 11-12 which says, “As an eagle stirs her nest, fluttering over her young, spreading wide her wings, taking them carrying them on her wings, so the LORD alone did lead them, and there was no strange god with Him.” In the light of this scripture, the mother eagle jealously keep the eaglets in a comfortable nest where she protects and feeds them with choice tidbits regularly until such a time that she will need to teach them to fly. At such a time, she starts to hover over the nest and beat the air with her strong feathers. Contrary to the expectation of the eaglets instead of settling down with them as before, she starts to dismantle their comfortable nest until the eaglets are left standing on whatever remained of the nest.

As if that is not enough, she starts carrying them one by one to teach them how to spread their feathers to fly. She does this in a very fearful manner by carrying them one by one at her back and soars high and then suddenly drops them. As they are fearfully falling and about hitting the bottom of the high mountain, she cleverly flies beneath them to carry them on her back to repeat the same thing until they learn to spread their feathers to fly like her. The fact is that any newly converted Christian filled with Holy Spirit is like an eaglet that is used to the comfort of God’s miraculous of provisions without sweat. But God does not want you to remain earth bound Christian. He delights to train you in order to have deep spiritual experiences while you have fellowship with Him regularly. Notwithstanding, the training is not without the sacrifice of your comfort zone. Remember therefore that when you are going through hard time, it may be that God allows it to steer the nest He made for you so that you do not settle to slumber and snore; but to wake up and be fervent in the spirit serving the LORD. Hence it is time to sacrifice part of your precious time to wait on God to see, touch, hear Him and do His will. It is sad to know that it does not matter how old you may be in the LORD; if your spiritual senses are not developed, you are still a babe whose growth is stunted. In such a precarious situation, be warned, Satan can easily play prank on you. So please grow up in Christ.

These translation or transportation experiences are not for ego trip but for preaching the gospel and to demonstrate the Kingdom of God. Acts 8:26-40 revealed how Philip went on Holy Ghost’s wings to evangelize the Ethiopian eunuch who was miles away from where he [Philip] was ministering. However, obedience to God’s voice will lead to such spiritual experiences to the glory of His name. There are testimonies of such experiences these days among the Christians that are sold out to the will of God. You also can experience the same thing for God is not a respecter of person. He loves us equally.

The good news is that our worship of Jehovah God in spirit and truth enables us to have translational experience either into His Throne Room or transportation experience into a geographical location to deliver God’s messages. Thanksgiving and exuberant praise will lead to worship of God that brings the Lord’s glory and in the glory you experience the miraculous of various kinds. At such time, Ladder made of pure light comes down from Heaven where one can climb up to the presence of the Most High Psal.84: 1-5, Gen.28: 11-12 Some time Angels of God come to carry you to heaven. Rev.17:1-3. Also chariot comes from heaven to take you just like the experience of Elijah. 2kings:2:11. At another time, as you are basking in the glory of God, Holy Spirit carries you to where He wants you to go. Acts 8:39-40

In conclusion, the understanding of the scripture will enable you to differentiate between the Holy Spirit and counterfeit spirit. No one encounters Christ and remains the same. His glory will humble you, keep you holy and increase your hunger for Him. Remain blessed as you seek the LORD in the name of Jesus Christ.